Kate Wright Headshot Authentic Life Coach

Kate B Wright

Professional Authentic Life Coach

I believe you deserve to be heard, seen, acknowledged, loved and appreciated for who you are and your journey.

I believe you deserve to wake up excited for your day, excited for your work, and excited for your partner.

I’d like to share my personal journey with you.


Feeling Completely Lost

I used to feel like I didn’t have a clue what to do with my life – in my career, or in my relationships. I felt completely lost, unheard, and unappreciated in my relationships and in my career before I started trying to understand my relationship with myself. I questioned why everything felt like such a struggle, why I couldn’t find lasting love, and why I was so unhappy in a career I thought would be fulfilling.


It All Starts with How I Treat Myself

I’ve worked with my own coaches over the past few years and continue to focus on expanding and understanding myself. I really understand now what it means to love myself. I understand that in those relationships with friends, with exes, and with bosses/coworkers it wasn’t them that didn’t acknowledge me – it was me!

I have grown to understand that my choice to not ask my ex for love and support when I was hurt because I was afraid of his reaction or afraid of his judgment was fundamentally me turning my back on my own needs. I understand that by not clearly stating what I wanted in my career in both learning, and schedule I turned my back on myself and what I needed and wanted again. As much as I blamed them for not supporting me the cold hard truth was that I wasn’t supporting myself.

As much as I wanted to communicate and express my emotions I couldn’t figure out how to. I was petrified that expressing myself would end horribly with them leaving or being hurt or angry, so I’d tell myself that it’s better to hold it all in. That absolutely never worked because something would trigger me and I would burst with anger from everything I had been holding onto.

In my pursuit to gain acknowledgment, respect, and love from them instead of myself I was repeatedly showing them that I did not value myself, my feelings, and my needs and that was how they learned to treat me leading me to be consistently disappointed and never satisfied. Because I was not grounded in my relationship with myself I prioritized their feelings and needs above my own.


Lies I Told Myself

Before I started looking at what I had created in my life, I had been telling myself it was them –

  • That when the guy that really loved me came along that we would have an amazing life together and then I would be happy.
  • That when I found a great company or career that was respectful of my time and work life balance that then I would be happy.
  • That when I had the comfortable respectful relationship and career my health would get better and I’d have a ton of energy.

But despite telling myself all of this, despite blaming everyone else, I was the common denominator and as long as I didn’t value my feelings, my needs, and my wants nothing would change.


Showing Up for Myself

During this journey I have focused on listening to myself and following my own path. I have invested in myself to create my dreams. I have felt all the hurt during the lows, and all the happiness and joy during the highs. I have learned to feel and acknowledge my emotions no matter how painful it may be instead of running away from them. I have learned to love every aspect of myself. I have learned what it means to truly understand myself. I have learned to have compassion for myself and support myself.

In turn I have learned how to be mindful of others and be curious about how they feel and what’s going on for them. I have learned to have compassion and understanding for them. I have learned to ask and be ok with whatever the answer is. I have learned that I have done my best and that my best will continue to get better.


Finding My Purpose

As I grew and learned I began passionately coaching everyone I knew, which I found some appreciated and some did not. I started to realize that this journey has been a gift and the most exciting and profound gift I can give to others is to serve them in finding their own gifts, passion, confidence and voice to share with the world.

As I dug in deeper into my own life and understanding. I worked with powerful coaches and I not only read every book I could, but I also worked through every exercise. I culminated my training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. In my own personal work I have studied other relationship experts and coaching methodologies including The Demartini Method, The Gottman Institute, Dr. Mark W Muesse, and Debbie Ford, to name a few.


I Can Help You Create Your Dream Life

We’re never taught how to be in a loving relationship with ourselves. We aren’t trained on how to truly be understood and be understanding. We aren’t taught how to be compassionate and empathetic. There is no curriculum on how to live a life of true fulfillment. However, I’m here to serve you on your journey holding you accountable to your dreams and your goals.

I am dedicated to serving you through your journey with conversations, tools, supportive energy, and transformational work, I can help you discover your path to fulfillment. I can help you develop skills to build lasting, fulfilling relationships and create boundaries for yourself and find connection and meaning with your work.

“Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience