Fall in Love with the Power of YOU!


Create the vibrant, fulfilling, and playful life you truly want!Kate Wright Headshot

  • Feel like there’s something missing?
  • Do you consistently feel frustrated or disconnected in your work, or your relationships?
  • Craving more excitement, and fulfillment?
  • Do you want more fun and ease in your life?
  • Want more clarity on what’s next for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions know you are not alone. I’ve been there and not just been there I sat there in that mess for a long time. It’s a constant feeling that there has got to be a better way, a more fulfilling career and relationships with less struggle.

I struggled in both my career, and relationships until I got clear on what I wanted and more importantly didn’t want in my life. I was in a relationship and a job where I felt unappreciated, unacknowledged, and drained. Every day was a fight to get the acknowledgment and appreciation I wanted. I kept telling myself that the man really did love me he just didn’t know how to show it, or express it, or… and I kept telling myself that things would get better at work when the workload slowed down, when I got to work on the projects I wanted, when I…

But of course that day was never going to come until I looked at myself. The reality was I didn’t express who I am and ask for what I needed for fear of losing his love, or the security of the job I had and making choices from that fear kept me stuck in an unfulfilling relationship and career for far too long. That relationship and the job didn’t align with my purpose, with who I am, and didn’t light me up bringing me excitement and joy.

I’m here to tell you that having the fun, excitement and fulfillment you want is at your fingertips! It’s one acknowledgement, and one truth at a time.

Introducing the half day workshop Fall in Love with the Power of YOU. During this interactive workshop you will:

  • Clarify your dream life and how to get out of your way from creating and living it
  • Boost your connection to your truth creating more confidence in all areas of your life
  • Cultivate new authentic relationships so you can feel seen, and heard being 100% YOU
  • Practice new fulfilling communication techniques to strengthen your existing relationships and create powerful new ones

There’s 2 opportunities to attend Fall in Love with the Power of YOU.

  • If you’re more of a weeknight person Thursday January 18th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm
  • If you’re more of a weekend morning person Saturday January 20th from 9am to 11:30am

For WOMEN who:

  • Are open to coaching and willing to be bold and vulnerable in pursuit of their dreams
  • Love learning with other rockstars
  • Are done blaming others and are ready to take responsibility for their choices, decisions, and experiences
  • Are willing to take risks and stretch outside their comfort zone to have it all

Even if you’ve said yes to all of these things there may be resistance showing up, in other words you may be thinking you:

  • I just have too much going on Kate and don’t have time to attend
  • I’m content and that’s good enough
  • I’m just not ready, this would be something for the future
  • This sounds really hard

Know that all of those feelings and fears are completely ok here – all of you is completely ok here.

Know that it is perfectly natural to feel some resistance to claiming your voice and creating your life with intention. It is easier to blame others, and our circumstances than to show up for ourselves and declare (show ourselves that) our desires matter.

If any resistance is coming up I invite you to take a deep breathe and ask yourself what would you create if nothing was holding you back?

Whatever your answer is, whether it’s small incremental changes or big significant life changes know that you will supported wherever you are during this exciting day together.

I invite you to step into The Power of YOU in all aspects of your life!

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Tickets are transferrable to future workshops.